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大野咲子 | フォトグラファー

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There was always an idea in my mind on how I want to photograph every day.
“I want to capture moments on photograph as though my eyes blink.”

This work of photographs is what my idea became real.

It started from the beginning when I was test shooting using the new lens.
I felt the camera and I became one.

1 new lens.
3 days.
Me and camera - all in one.
It’s all about my happy “blinking.”
1 lens, too happy, 3 days.

This exhibition captures my simple little moments of everyday life.

" How we start… "

When I created my first photo book “1 lens, too happy, 3 days” in 2014, I sent emails to several overseas bookstores
to introduce my photo book. Even though it is not easy to do a personal trading, there was one reply saying they want to
buy my book. It was "GOGOL & COMPANY" from Milan. What a surprise! So happy!! After few communications on emails
with Tosca who works for "GOGOL & COMPANY," I finally got a chance to visit Milan and to visit them in 2015 Autumn.
Tosca was so friendly and nice and cute woman, just the way I imagined. Although there was some language barrier between us,
we had a very nice conversation and I did a presentation to Tosca that I want to do a photo exhibition at her place,
"GOGOL & COMPANY." Then, she said "Yes!." "GOGOL & COMPANY" is a very pleasant place with cafe inside and a piazza
in front. What an excitement for me to hold a photo exhibition at such an ideal place. I would like to thank Tosca
and all the staffs at "GOGOL & COMPANY" for their heartwarming cooperation. Thank you so much!

Sakiko Ohno Photography Exhibition
“ BLINKING. 1 lens, too happy, 3 days ”

Exhibition Date:12 May 2016(thu)〜 22 May(sun)

Place:GOGOL & COMPANY(Milan, Italy)

⌘ Talks and Opening Reception on 7:00 p.m. 12 May (thu)  ⌘
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About me

I’m Sakiko Ohno.
I’m Japanese photographer.
I mainly work in the commercial photography field, focusing on food and lifestyle.
I love daydreaming, cats, sports and I used to play Judo.
I can effortlessly transform dark and dirty things into something totally different through my photographs.
I aim to take pictures that leave a strong impression in people’s hearts and make them feel they like them“somehow”.
I think my photographs are my alter ego.

My profile

1980 Born in Ibaraki prefecture in Japan
2004 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University Department of Design
2006 Graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts Department of Photograph
2006 Joined hue.inc (Sizzle photographer group)
2011 [Life style] Solo exhibition
2013 [Art photograph Group show –Light & Shadow]
   Group exhibition
2014 [1 lens, too happy, 3 days] Solo exhibition
2014 [1 lens, too happy, 3 days] Monograph

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